• Crafting & Fresh Florals

    Monthly crafts and year round Eucalyptus Bouquets and Bundles.

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    High Tea & Creativity

    At our exclusive High Tea events, we include a crafting session wherein our guests learn how to create gorgeous memories right from the Manor.


    In 2022 we will be making beautiful home decor projects using plants and flowers from the farm. These will include Seasonal Wreaths made with our own Baby Blue Ornamental Eucalyptus, Oranges and Roses and also incense sticks with aromatic plants and flowers.

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    Elegant Decor


    We also offer a selection of lush Eucalyptus bouquets handmade and picked by the Newton Family.


    Outdoor gift boutique with Tea Cups and Saucers, Tea Pots, Home Decor, selection of all our Teas, local goodies and more!

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    Locally Grown with California Sun & Love

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    Floral Supplies


    Need fresh florals for your arrangements?


    The Manor is a 16 acre avocado & abundant exotic flower farm. We also ship affordably across the US & offer bulk quantities.


    Free local delivery!


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    Did you know that Eucalyptus relieves stress? Hang some in your shower to release natural essential oils for a heightened luxurious experience.

    White Sage

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    In addition to a multitude of medicinal qualities such as improved sleep and releasing negative ions to combat allergens, white sage is also a culinary treat.

    Blue Agave

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    While agave is best known for Tequila, this plant's namesake is the Greek “agavos” which translates to “illustrious.” It can be used to make rope, soaps, firewood and even tattoo ink!

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